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We can help you stop repossession

Stopping repossession isn’t difficult; the dicey part is to sell your house fast. Stop Home Repossession provides first-rate property buying services so that you can sell your house for cash at any time without fail. Selling your house is a matter of a week for us, and if you require it we are always happy to buckle up our shoes and do it in a couple of days. No matter how urgent your requirement is we are ever ready to pay you fast cash against your home.


Stop Home Repossession is a wholly owned subsidiary and a trading name used by Yellow Springbok, a leading property buying company in the nation. We help you stop repossession of your property with a quick sale to local cash property buyers. 

Did we hear you say, ‘same old, same old?’ Well, yeah, we admit that it does sound like the same old. But then, it is way different from the run of the mill ‘cash-for-house’ services available in the market. The property market is packed full like a can of sardines with small-time cash property buyers, who are only in the market because they want the quick way to success. These cash buyers often do not have as much investing-power as they profess, and do not flinch at making any tall promises at all. They make it sound all very hunky-dory, but in the end walk out on the deal; or worse still gazunder you at the last moment. Half the deals in the cash property buying market are supposedly made at 75-85% of market value, when the actual price paid is only 60-70%.


At Stop Home Repossession, we know these all too well, and hence strive to protect our clients from such shams. We are a nationwide arrangement of cash property buyers with our presence filtering into every part of the United Kingdom. We have years of experience in the property market trade and a very good working knowledge of the intricacies of the business. Over the years of our business in the property market we have built close contacts with a large number of cash property buyers from across the nation.

These cash buyers in our network are all pre-screened professionals trusted for the dependability and seasoned in the nuances of the business. They also act as our local associates and are capable of generating huge amounts of cash within very short notices. We regularly check on the credibility records of the cash buyers in our network so that you always find a safe platform at Stop Home Repossession.


A lot of people may tell you a lot of different things, but at times and especially when it comes to stopping repossession of your home it pays to be blunt. We can tell you that if you’ve not been able to sort out the differences with your mortgage lender at an early stage, the only way to stop repossession is to sell your house quickly. Of course, if you can arrange for the money from somewhere else, like parents or a well-wishers, it may not be necessary; but as a general rule of thumb the best way to stop repossession of your property is to sell your house fast to cash property buyers.

When you think of cash property buyers, think of the Stop Home Repossession—after all you owe your family only the very best. We give you only the best deals in the market. In fact, our promise is to match or beat any cash price offer; we pay you at least £12750.00* more than any other cash property buyer in the nation. The moment you call us we assign one of our local associates, who gets in touch with you and takes charge of the entire process of stopping repossession of your home. 

Give us a call today on provided number to stop repossession of your home or fill up our quick contact form and we will get back to you.



Stop repossession of your house now with a quick sale.

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Mrs. H., Stockport
They came in, completed the sale, and I got my money within days! Fully transparent and fair dealing.
Mr. & Mrs. T., Reading
We had found our dream house but were let down by our estate agents and were at risk of losing the property. Yellow Springbok provided a speedy and professional service and everything was resolved within a couple of weeks.
Nancy, Birmingham
I'd been trying to get rid of my property for months. Then I saw Yellow Springbok advert. The process went really smoothly and I got my cash in no time.
Home repossession may hit you any time – Are you ready for the unforeseen?

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